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By Far The Best!

Love this Clinic! Today was my first day and I can’t wait to go tomorrow. I used chiropractors in the past and Dr. Wayne is by far the best!! This isn’t your standard “crack and come back” practice. They want you to be fixed and only come back when you need it. The hours are great! They take great care to show you where your spine is at and explain treatment. The staff is great and Dr. Wayne is the best down to earth guy that I met in a long time. The billing is easy – even if you don’t have insurance. Give them a try. They really care about your spine.

Seattle Chiropractors
Alliedean W.

A place that believes what they preach!

Dr. Wayne Cissell has passion and does what he preaches! I met with Dr. Wayne Cissell yesterday, and he spoke about how he tours around the city giving workshops on wellness. His passion and dedication to not only helping your back get better, but your whole body feeling healthy was very apparent in his own actions. He is not a stop and go doctor that just wants your money. He ultimately wants your overall health to get better and chiropractic work can help you fix just that. The location and main office were great. It is conveniently located right in the heart of cap hill and even has few parking spots. If you are looking for a place that believes what they preach, has skill and passion, I would recommend going here!

Seattle Chiropractors
Dawn S.

How can thanks ever be enough?

I came to Dr. Russell in great distress. While pain from a spinal column out-of-whack was handled with all the precision and professionalism one could hope for, it was only a symptom of a fragmented individual in crisis. The entire team at Evergreen Chiropractic gave me much more than realignment. From holistic message to healing massage, I received the kind of care and attention that brought hope and wholeness to this healthier and happier human being. How can thanks ever be enough?

Seattle Chiropractors
DJ Artemison

Dr. Russell has treated me with the utmost respect

I have been a patient at Evergreen Chiropractic since 2008. I have been greatly helped by Dr. Russell and his staff. Dr. Russell has treated me with the utmost respect and courtesy and has managed my pain from an old injury with wonderful results. He is the friendliest Doctor I have ever worked with and is genuinely concerned with my wellbeing.

Seattle Chiropractors
Aaron P.

I no longer suffer!

I no longer suffer from back or neck issues because Dr. Russell helps heal the source of my problems by addressing the nervous system, musculoskeletal system, and especially the spine. And his methods are non-surgical, non-invasive, and don’t require prescription drugs. I will maintain longstanding patronage with Dr. Russell because he helps people create and maintain an improved quality of life.

Seattle Chiropractors
Giavanna R.

I am well again!

When I first came in to see Dr. Kun, I had pain in my shoulder and numbness in my whole right arm. I was also on 1000mg of Glucophage for diabetes. Because of the diabetes and medication I was taking, I also had high blood pressure. I had been coming in to see Dr. Kun and receiving chiropractic adjustments for about two months and I was experiencing hypoglycemia, so I went to my medical doctor for a check-up. My sugar levels were too low, so the Glucophage was adjusted to 500mg, which was half of what I had been taking. I then noticed that the shoulder and arm problems that I was experiencing had gone away. The numbness had gone away, and I felt much better. I returned to my medical doctor for a regular check-up, and he found that my sugar levels were back to normal, so the Glucophage wasn’t needed anymore. My blood pressure had returned to normal, also. I originally came in due to shoulder and arm pain and numbness, and I was helped in so many other ways. I feel that your body works as one system, and because of chiropractic care, I am well again.

Seattle Chiropractors
Lana L.

Dr. Kun saved me!

Before I came to see Dr. Kun, I was hardly able to walk. I had a headache every morning. My family and friends had to help me down the stairs of my apartment. While walking, I had to use a walker to help so I would not fall. I had a hard time with the basic things like stepping into the shower and standing up straight. Taking the 5lbs. of sugar off the shelf became impossible. Because I was taking at least 9 pills a day, I had lost my appetite. I had lost 20 lbs. Then one day, my friend who I had not seen in quite some time came over. She was shocked to see how much weight that I had lost and that I was using a walker. She told me she was going to see her chiropractor and asked if I would go along with her. I said OK. I started seeing Dr. Kun along with my friend when she came in for her appointments. After just one month, I got rid of the walker!! It has been 4 months now and I only take 2 of the 9 pills a day. The morning headaches have been reduced to maybe once a week. I am regaining the muscle I had lost in my legs. I have also regained my appetite. When I smell food, it makes me hungry. Dr Kun saved me.

Seattle Chiropractors
Marina P.

I swear by its results!

I had pain in my low back, hip and right leg with increasing limitation of movement which got progressively worse over a 6-month period. On a pain scale of 1 to 10, mine was 10 plus. I truly was terrified. I’ve had recurrent back-related problems for over 30 years. Chiropractic with Dr. Kun has lowered my pain level to 0-2 with practically full range of motion. Some gardening activities that always resulted in back pain I now do pain-free. My medical background teaching frowned on chiropractic; today I swear by its results and would recommend it to anyone.

Seattle Chiropractors
Jeanne F.